Saturday, June 25, 2016

Too Pretty To Open

Supporting Local Farmers

Did you ever get something and you think to yourself before you break into the package, man this is simply just too pretty to open?

Well that's the thoughts that were running thru my mind when I recieved my sample box from Whitetail Lane Farm. 

Everything smelled amazing. Literally I could smell it all before I got the package opened. It was wrapped so nicely and some of the soaps even had some fun glittery in them.

My favorites were the bath bombs. I am a junkie when it comes to these things. I love one that lasts more than a minute and this one really held up well. I had a pearberry scent and also the energy one. Both were amazing. Great price too from a retail standpoint. Only around $3.00 each. Cheaper than what I was paying at LUSH.

I got to sample a few different soap bar scents and loved the lemon poppyseed one and also the oatmeal one. They both left my skin feeling clean, fresh and left no residue behind. The awesome part about it is that since it's made from goats milk it left my skin feeling extra soft.

If you are looking for some "fancy" fun soaps they also have tons of options. Many that I wouldn't want to use because they are so cute looking. They would make perfect gifts. I love the idea of giving towels as a wedding gift and including some fun soaps like these to go along with it. 

All in all I give the products 5 stars. More than anything I love the idea of supporting local farms and local businesses. I grew up on a tree farm as a little girl so I always have a special place in my heart for family owned companies. I know how much love goes into having your own business. Buy local when you can. Support the families in your area that are trying to make a difference and make it on their own. This family owned business won't dissapoint. 

To check out their website you can click here. 


  1. Sarah- Full disclosure….. I am the VERY proud aunt of Jamie Cunningham, owner of Whitetail Lane Farm Goats Milk Soap, so I am a bit biased. However, you mentioned including some of the products when you give towels as a wedding gift.....A great idea for brides to be is to give the soaps as bridal shower and wedding favor gifts. This is a special order, but it really is a special touch and a gift that people can actually use!
    This is a link to a photo of a special order that was made for a wedding a few weeks ago.

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