Monday, January 9, 2017

The Search Is On...

Exclusive Mentoring Opportunity 

BACK BY POPULR DEMAND. Once again I will be gearing up to kick off my two month exclusive coach mentoring program. The search is on to find my next 5 new coaches for my team - Team Fit & Fabulous. I will be taking application and conducting short interviews to find the perfect fit and group of women to work with. 

I am hoping to keep this mentoring group small intentionally. These five women are going to get a lot of individual training time with me so they can learn to build their business faster. As you know my background is in business. As a former business education teacher mentoring these types of groups is one of my favorite things to do as a coach.

The two months will be laid out like this. The first month I will be devoted to helping them get results as challengers. They will be in my January challenge group working to get their own results and transformation from using a Beachbody program of their choice and drinking Shakeology. For that month they will watch what I do as a coach and learn the basics of running a challenge group. This will prepare them for leading their own in the coming months. 

During month two they will still have an open invitation to be a challenger in my group, but I will also begin training them as a coach. We will do a month long training with SHORT daily activities to teach them how to build their business on social media. I will do a weekly mentoring call with these women as well. 

I have been working as a coach for almost three years now. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is that the best coaches are the ones who are challengers first. You can't be passionate about something that you have never tried. It has to have worked for you first before your going to start seeing success. Those coaches who come into the business that way are often the ones who have the most success. 

If your apprehensive about this opportunity, I get it. I was too but I don't want you to be. I want you to stop watching, stop considering it but not acting on it. I just want you to say I'm going for this. While you will find is a change to improve your own health from a fitness and nutrition standpoint, you'll gain new friends and also get a chance to LEARN SOMETHING new and hopefully if you do it right begin to earn an income for yourself. My mentoring group will kick off on Monday January 23, 2016. Interviews will be conducted during the week of January 16th. Please reach out to me to be considered for one of the five spots that I have open.

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