Why It Helps?
Shakeology has been my go to morning starter since I have started living my new healthy lifestyle. I drink it for breakfast each day and it helps me to feel full and also energzied. I'll never forget the huge surge in engergy I felt just a few weeks into drinking Shakeology. I wasn't feeling sluggish or blah anymore. Since drinking it daily I have exchanged my morning coffee on the way to work with my Shakeology. In addition - my hair is has grown so much and is very shinny and strong. Love all of the vitamins in it.

I remember being SO nervous when I orderd my first Beachbody Challenge Pack because I just knew I was going to hate the taste of the shakes. I am not a big fan of things that don't taste good but I was actually so very wrong about the taste. I ended up loving it! I bought the tri-pack of packets so that I could sample the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Chocolate is hands down my favorite one but I also enjoy the other two. For those who like green drinks - there is a greenberry one as well as a vegan chocolate and tropical strawberry option. You can get the shakes in packets or a a large serving bag. The bag has 30 servings in it but the packets only come with 24 - the price you pay for convience I suppose. If you are new to shakeology I reccommend that you give the tri- pack a go at it so you can see what you love. 

What I also loved about Shakeology is that it is 100% bottom of the bag guaranteed. If you get it and don't like it - no worries call Beachbody customer service and they will gladly refund your money. Pretty sweet right? 

Think You Want To Give It A Try? 
I will gladly send you a weeks supply of samples for $35.00 plus shipping or you can buy a sample variety pack on my website and it will get shipped to you directly from Beachbody. 

Order your Shakeology Products Through Me!

Shakeology Cleanse
Looking to drop 3 - 5 lbs in 3 days? Give the Shakeology cleanse a try. The cleanse is pretty simple and requires you to stick to the simple meal plan listed below:
 If you are interested in giving the cleanse a try send me an email and I can ship out the needed Shakeology to you. The cost is $55.00 and will include a shaker cup.

How to Make Shakeology 
Shakeology Is Now Clinically Proven! 
If you are interested in incorporating Shakeology into your lifestyle please fill out the application below and I will be in touch shortly. 
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